Chipanga wants to join politics

23 January 2015 CONTROVERSIAL sungura musician Hosiah Chipanga wants to join politics full time as he believes his church's ministry cannot achieve much without the political connection.

Sex talk shows a hit on radio

23 January 2015 EXPLICIT sexual discussions have become a hit on Zimbabwe's national radio stations, presenting a listening shift in a society that always considered itself as conservative.

'Red Cross advocates for rights of migrants'

16 January 2015 ZIMBABWE Red Cross Society, (ZRCS), with the support and financial assistance of the EU and International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), is launching "Rights of Migrants in Action" in Zimbabwe, which seeks to promote and protect the rights of migrants.

'Prophet rapes heavily pregnant woman'

16 January 2015 A self-styled prophet from Triangle who has been on police wanted list for the past five years after raping a heavily pregnant woman while healing her was hauled before Masvingo magistrate courts last week.

USAid extends $1,1 billion to Zim

9 January 2015 USAID has for the past 12 years extended about $1,1 billion to Zimbabwe for humanitarian assistance.

Vocational training beneficial

30 December 2014 VOCATIONAL or technical education programmes for high school can provide students with the opportunity not only to learn a trade but also be immersed in their desired field to determine whether that career path is the right choice for them.

Independent MPs seek to re-join Zanu PF

30 December 2014 INDEPENDENT legislators, Jonathan Samukange, MP for Mudzi South in Mashonaland East province and Munyaradzi Kereke for Bikita West in Masvingo province are mooting moves to re-join Zanu PF.

'2015 health budget falls short'

30 December 2014 COMMUNITY Working Group on Health (CWGH) have noted with concern that despite pressure from a wide section of the society, and from parliamentarians, the health budget in 2015 still falls massively short of the needs.

'Time to unpack MDGs'

30 December 2014 JOURNALISTS have been urged to report on State performance and analyse the underlying obstacles in achieving the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), as they come to an end in 2015.

'Girls walk against gender violence'

13 December 2014 MORE than 190 girls from Kambuzuma and Glenview suburbs had their lives changed recently when they took part in the first ever Gender-Based Violence (GBV) mentoring walk alongside successful women from the medical, legal, commercial, religious, civil society and government sectors in Zimbabwe.

Dad up for rape, denied bail

13 December 2014 A 53-YEAR-old Mvuma man is languishing in remand prison after a High Court judge turned down his application for bail on charges that he raped his 11-year-old daughter at knifepoint.

Cellphone gives away armed robbers

13 December 2014 REGIONAL magistrate Chrispen Mberewere has sentenced three armed robbers who last month robbed a Trek Petroleum Services garage in the city cash amounting to $160 000 and R59 000 to 12 years each.

Treat doctors well to avoid loss of life

21 November 2014 GOVERNMENT should be sincere when dealing with doctors' issues so as to avert a national disaster and the loss of life in hospitals.

Glam Angels mentoring girls, women

14 November 2014 HOW far would you go to outshine every girl in the room? For most young women this question has popped up in their minds often enough that they have gone crazy, caught up in the dilemma of principles and getting easy money to spend on facials.

Parliament's holiday extension unnecessary: Gonese

7 November 2014 PARLIAMENT has taken yet another month's break as it adjourned to November 25, although they had been on another break since September 25.

Woman in trance as Parly opens

3 November 2014 THERE was drama at Africa Unity Square this week during the opening of the second session of the 8th Parliament when a woman suddenly fell into a spiritual trance, possibly responding to the traditional drum beats and singing at the ceremony.

Epworth families to sue council, police

17 October 2014 Over 50 families in Epworth that had their houses demolished by the Epworth Local Board escorted by police are planning to sue for their losses.

I'm not to blame - Gono

17 October 2014 FORMER Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Gideon Gono said he is not to blame for the country's economic woes.

Minister blasts headmaster over trees

10 October 2014 MINISTER of Energy, Dzikamai Mavhaire, last week took Bubi District Education Officer, (BDEO) together with the headmaster of a local school to task for failing to plant trees.

Red Cross clinic for Makoni District

6 October 2014 ZIMBABWE Red Cross Society (ZRCS) is set to construct a clinic for the Nemaire community in Makoni District, Rusape.

No to men's advances: Zanu PF women

27 August 2014 Women have come out guns blazing accusing men for initiating hatred among them and causing divisions in the political realm.

Power couples in same professions

27 August 2014 When they wowed that; "In sickness and in health, till death do us apart" they really meant it as witnessed by those couples in the same profession.

Junior councillors bemoan ZNA children recruitment

27 August 2014 Junior councillors have expressed concern over the recruitment of youths as young as 16 years and below into the Zimbabwe National Army.

39 000 girls married off each year

27 August 2014 Africa has the highest number of child marriage prevalence, African Union (AU) Goodwill Ambassador for Child Marriage Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda said.

Blind Senator fights stigma, aims high

15 July 2014 ZIMBABWE last year broke new ground when it allowed people with disabilities to elect their representatives to the Senate, in accordance with provisions of the new Constitution.

Bush fuel business spreads

13 December 2013 THREE young men sit by the roadside seemingly waiting for something to happen.

Ordination divides Anglicans

13 December 2013 THE ordination of women in the Anglican Church has taken an interesting twist.

Children's accidental burns rise

13 December 2013 A RECENT visit to Harare Children's Home's paediatric hospital has exposed the rising numbers of children succumbing to accidental burns while playing at home.

Democracy not dirty work: Harare mayor

13 December 2013 DEMOCRACY is not dirty work but an asset to any nation's well-being, newly-elected Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni remarked on his return from observing Danish local government elections that were held in Denmark recently.

The 'crime' of belonging to MDC

8 November 2013 ZANU PF party members are allegedly mocking MDC supporters in their respective constituencies saying they should "go to Harare or Bulawayo", the only two cities where the MDC won resoundingly.

Violent thunderstorms hit Matabeleland

8 November 2013 VIOLENT thunderstorms left a trail of destruction in Matabeleland last week after authorities and individuals failed to heed calls from the Meteorological Services Department to brace for violent storms as the rainy season begins.

Namatayi Chipanga vies for top award

1 November 2013 FORMER Oliver Mtukudzi's Black Spirits band member and co-founder of Chalenum Rhythms Namatayi Chipanga is vying for a top award in Women in Enterprise Awards event to be held today in Harare.

'Senators gobble thousands each week'

1 November 2013 THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is shocked by reports in the press that Senators are struggling to come up with motions affecting their constituencies which has seen the upper house sometimes sitting for less than an hour.

Couple sells newspapers full-time

1 November 2013 FOR Felistas Gogo and her husband, newspapers are their prized products as they sell them each day of the week albeit dangerously dodging cars at traffic robots.

Kasukuwere scores high on Twitter

25 October 2013 SAVIOR Kasukuwere, minister of Environment, Water and Climate is taking his ministry to the people through Twitter.

School struggles to enroll

25 October 2013 AN ELITE private school owned by Zanu PF stalwart Joosbi Sams Omar in Zvimba district is facing difficulties in finding students due to high fees which are seemingly beyond the reach of prospective recruits.

Boy loses legs

25 October 2013 A SEVEN year old Norton boy's dream of playing football has been shattered after he lost both legs due to "Zesa Holdings negligence".

Hospital staffer in soup for stealing drugs

25 October 2013 HERE are some of the highlights to court cases that were heard in the Bulawayo courts.

Reading nourishes the mind: Majome

25 October 2013 READING is an important part of our lives but it has been losing its significance among the youth in a country that is welcoming the social media.

Bulawayo bogus prophet fakes death

18 October 2013 A self-styled prophet on Sunday afternoon feigned death to save himself from the wrath of assailants after being caught red handed fondling a protesting woman's private parts in the middle of the bush along Plumtree road.

Chitungwiza prioritises internal debt

18 October 2013 FINANCIALLY - crippled Chitungwiza Municipality will this month prioritise paying workers' outstanding salaries ahead of a plethora of other debtors.

Parastatal turns workers into debt collectors

11 October 2013 STATE fixed telephone operator, TelOne has turned workers into debt collectors, as it tries to recover money owed by clients. The parastatal workers across the country have been moving door-to-door to companies and individuals to recover money since August.

Wife refuses divorce token

11 October 2013 A GLEN Norah man has asked for the intervention of the courts to end a marriage because his wife's parents are refusing to accept gupuro or damages.

Zimswitch Technology widens scope

11 October 2013 ZIMSWITCH Technology an electronic funds switch company has officially unveiled its products in Bulawayo as it seeks to widen its market through promoting a rejuvenated brand.

Widow hauls brothers to court

11 October 2013 A WIDOWED woman has dragged her brothers to court because they assault every man they suspect to be in a relationship with her.

Power outage problem to persist for couple of years

4 October 2013 ZIMBABWEANS, reeling from blackouts caused by an annual maintenance on generation equipment, are crying foul.

No reprieve for ratepayers

4 October 2013 THE FUTURE for Harare ratepayer's remains gloomy as mayor Bernard Manyenyeni says his council will not promise them much but low "hanging fruits".

'Service delivery is a human right'

4 October 2013 ZIMBABWEANS should stop using service delivery issues as bedroom talk but demand their right from responsible authorities, civil societies and political parties have said.

MDC supporters harassed in ?Gwanda South

4 October 2013 Losing mainstream MDC legislator and candidate for Gwanda South Ekem Moyo has accused Zanu PF activists of harassing MDC supporters for voting for presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai in the July 31 presidential elections.

Suicidal son-in-law dragged to court

4 October 2013 A MAN reportedly drenched himself in paraffin and attempted to commit suicide by setting himself ablaze at his mother-in law's house because his wife had told him he was mindless.